Getting started on debian (Manual)


sudo apt install build-essential cmake libsqlite3-dev libssl-dev lrzsz liblua5.3-dev libssh-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev

Create Directories

mkdir bbs
mkdir bbs/source
mkdir bbs/build
mkdir bbs/build/talisman
mkdir bbs/build/servo
mkdir bbs/build/toolbelt
mkdir bbs/build/postie
mkdir bbs/build/gofer
mkdir bbs/build/falcon        
mkdir bbs/dloads
mkdir bbs/dloads/general
mkdir bbs/dloads/general/uploads
mkdir bbs/dloads/general/misc
mkdir bbs/scripts
mkdir bbs/scripts/data
mkdir bbs/data
mkdir bbs/menus
mkdir bbs/gfiles
mkdir bbs/msgs
mkdir bbs/logs
mkdir bbs/temp
mkdir bbs/gopher

Unpack the Tarball

cd bbs/source
tar xzvf /path/to/Talisman-v0.32-source.tar.gz

Build the source

Build Servo

cd ../build/servo
cmake ../../source/talisman/Servo

Build Talisman

cd ../../build/talisman
cmake ../../source/talisman/Talisman

Build Toolbelt

cd ../../build/toolbelt
cmake ../../source/talisman/Toolbelt

Build Postie

cd ../../build/postie
cmake ../../source/talisman/Postie

Build Gofer

cd ../../build/gofer
cmake ../../source/talisman/Gofer

Build Falcon

cd ../../build/falcon
cmake ../../source/talisman/Falcon

Build Qwkie

cd ../../build/qwkie
cmake ../../source/talisman/Qwkie

Build Binki

cd ../../build/binki
cmake ../../source/talisman/Binki
cd ../../
ln -s build/servo/servo
ln -s build/talisman/talisman
ln -s build/toolbelt/toolbelt
ln -s build/postie/postie
ln -s build/gofer/gofer
ln -s build/falcon/falcon
ln -s build/qwkie/qwkie
ln -s build/binki/binki    

Copy Example Data

Copy the default INI file

cp source/talisman/Talisman/Talisman.ini talisman.ini

Copy the default Menus

cp source/talisman/Talisman/menus/* menus/

Copy the defaut Gfiles

cp -r source/talisman/Talisman/gfiles/* gfiles/

Copy the default Scripts

cp source/talisman/Talisman/scripts/* scripts/

Copy default configuration

cp source/talisman/Talisman/data/* data/

Edit talisman.ini

Change the settings to your liking.

Run Servo

To run the bbs and begin accepting connections, you run servo from the bbs root directory.


Servo will launch talisman when on an incoming call.