Events Config

Servo uses events.toml in the data directory to schedule both timed and file triggered events.

An example of polling a network every 15 minutes:

name = "Poll a Network"
start = "Tue,13:30"
interval = 15
exec = "/usr/local/sbin/binkd -p -P 99:999/1 /home/user/bbs/ftn/binkd.cfg"

An example of scanning mail when mail.sem is modified:

name = "Scan Mail"
watchfile = "/home/user/bbs/mail.sem"
exec = "/home/user/bbs/"

In this example would be a script that changes to the bbs directory, and runs postie scan.

Note: events can be timed OR file triggered, not both. If you want both, setup two events.

The [[event]] Array

The event array is an array of events to queue in servo.

NOTE: Servo can handle event intervals up to and including one week. Any longer, and it is suggested you use cron or windows scheduler.