Qwkie Config

NOTE: Besides qwkie.toml, qwkie also uses archivers.toml and talisman.ini, it must be run from the bbs root directory.

qwkie.toml contains information for the qwk networking tool “Qwkie”.


name = "dovenet"
hostqwkid = "VERT"
ftpuser = "HAPPYLND"
ftphost = "vert.synchro.net"
ftpport = 21
password = "SECRET"
archiver = "zip"
tagline = "HappyLand v2.0 - telnet://happylandbbs.com:11892/"

network = "dovenet"
basenumber = 2001
msgbase = "dove/general"

network = "dovenet"
basenumber = 2008
msgbase = "dove/sysop"

network = "dovenet"
basenumber = 2010
msgbase = "dove/dovesysop"

The network Array

This array is a list of QWK networks.

The area Array

This array is all the areas you receive.

Qwkie Usage

Qwkie has three commands, scan, poll and toss.

Each command can optionally be postfixed with a network name, otherwise it will do the operation on all networks.


./qwkie scan dovenet

A nice script for a network which you can put in your events.toml:



cd /home/user/bbs
echo "--------------------------------------------------" >> logs/$NETWORK.log
echo `date` >> logs/$NETWORK.log
echo "--------------------------------------------------" >> logs/$NETWORK.log
./qwkie scan $NETWORK >> logs/$NETWORK.log 2>&1
./qwkie poll $NETWORK >> logs/$NETWORK.log 2>&1
./qwkie toss $NETWORK >> logs/$NETWORK.log 2>&1